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Morgan Freeman: ‘We are indeed all bigoted’

Morgan Freeman stars with Diane Keaton in the new love story “5 Flights Up” about a couple married for 40 years, who come to learn a lot about each other as they get ready to move out of their longtime… Continue reading

The Lyme disease debate

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The Lyme disease debate
May. 06, 2015 – 9:17 – With 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. each year, it’s no surprise that the tick-borne illness has been a hotly debated topic among medical… Continue reading

Power Play: Clinton campaigns on trust?

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Power Play: Clinton campaigns on trust?
May. 01, 2015 – 6:32 – Scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton’s strategy to combat voter distrust: Champion a call for trust in government. Can she pull that off? The Washington Examiner’s David Drucker,… Continue reading

How the GOP must answer Hillary’s message

Round one goes to Hillary. Mrs. Clinton’s video announcing her candidacy hit all the buttons—jobs, fairness, education, gender, and gay rights—necessary to hold together the 51 percent majority that reelected President Obama.
Republicans responded with negative ads slamming Clinton’s character… Continue reading

Seattle minimum wage increase takes effect and eating out gets more expensive

Eating meals out in Seattle just got more expensive as tens of thousands of low wage workers got a raise this week to $11 an hour. It was the first scheduled pay increase on the way to $15 an hour,… Continue reading

Congress must make Chemical Safety Act live up to its name

The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act for the 21st Century has a nice ring to it. Named for the late, longtime New Jersey Senator who passed away in 2013, the bill, championed in the Senate by Republican David Vitter… Continue reading

Stop slamming Starbucks: Why ‘Race Together’ campaign matters

Can I just get a cup of coffee – hold the rant on race?
This week Starbucks is giving its staff the option to write “Race Together” on its paper cups of coffee. The idea is to ignite coffeehouse crosstalk,… Continue reading

ACA Costs to Drop? Not Exactly

Before the Obama administration starts crowing about cost for the Affordable Care Act coming down… they might want to take another look at what’s “really” going down.
According to our very own Jim Angle, who’s been rifling through a Congressional… Continue reading

Supreme Court should nix ObamaCare subsidies, instigate reform

The Supreme Court could improve American health care by striking down federal subsidies offered through HealthCare.com—the federal exchange that sells insurance in states without government-run marketplaces.
Most Americans never wanted the Affordable Care Act. A recent Gallup poll found 56… Continue reading

Five things you should know about Janet Yellen’s plan for higher interest rates

Since 2008, the Federal Reserve has been giving banks virtually free money by keeping their short term borrowing rates near zero.
This week, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen indicated that the Fed is getting even more optimistic about the economy… Continue reading