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Fox Nation celebrates its fifth anniversary

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Fox Nation is five years old, but it’s 317.8 million Americans strong.
A century-and-a-half ago, Walt Whitman wrote, “I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear”—and if the great poet were with us today, he would no doubt be… Continue reading

How did $300M minesweeper become scrap metal? Navy wants answers

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The commanding officer and three crewmembers aboard a U.S. Navy minesweeper have been relieved of their duties amid an investigation into how the $300 million ship got stuck on a reef near the Philippines and had to be scuttled.
The… Continue reading

We are still living in deeply divided times

“We know what the best thing would be. It would be an agreement that sends the signal to our economy, and to the world, that after years of punting on the major fiscal challenges we face, 2013 is going to… Continue reading

Lincoln — our eternal president

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More than any other president, Abraham Lincoln shapes our idealized conception of the presidency. That is, the commander-in-chief as an austere figure, burdened by the office, yet sternly resolved to finish the mission. Humble in origin, somber in humility, yet… Continue reading

Sudden danger signs in polling as Election Day nears

As Election Day approaches, we must be very sensitive to last minute changes in the polls. Remember that President George W. Bush fell from a 4 point lead into a tie over the last weekend in 2000 and Clinton rose… Continue reading

Who are the voters who haven’t decided to vote for Obama or Romney?

Both the Obama and Romney campaigns are going to be focused on a select group of voters in the final two weeks until election day. They are operating under the assumption that minds can be changed in the last weeks… Continue reading

Keep An Eye On Seniors

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As President Obama and Governor Romney prepare to meet face to face in what can be described as an increasingly favorable political climate for Democrats, both sides admit that the polls will tighten in the final weeks leading up to… Continue reading

The truth about 2012 polls

In the 2012 race for the White House President Obama is ahead, but the polls are misleading. ;
It seems that each new poll brings good news for Obama. He’s up six points nationally according to the latest Bloomberg numbers.… Continue reading

Forget health care, it’s still about jobs, jobs, jobs for Obama and Romney

As President Obama sets off on his “Betting On America” bus tour through the key swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio, both the Obama and Romney campaigns are anxiously awaiting the numbers from Friday’s monthly jobs report. As they wait,… Continue reading

Why Obama’s gay marriage endorsement could ultimately be more harmful than helpful

Wednesday afternoon, Barack Obama became the first president of the United States to openly support same sex marriage – declaring unequivocal support for gay marriage in an interview with ABC News.
His surprise endorsement reflects the position being echoed by… Continue reading