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All-Star Panel: Reaction to rioting in Baltimore

This is a rush transcript from “Special Report,” April 27, 2015. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.
BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: Looking live in Baltimore as police are trying to get the situation under… Continue reading

Mighty machines of mayhem for spring 2015

2015 Polaris RZR 4 900 (Polaris/© John Linn, Adventure Studios 2014)

The sun is out and the sky is blue, which means it’s time to find a massive mud puddle and drive one of these machines through it at high… Continue reading

Death knell for freedom? US moving from ‘inclusion’ to totalitarianism

Bake me a cake, or go to jail!
Sadly, that is the new message from “inclusive” America. If you don’t want to cater, photograph, preside over, sell pizza at, sell flowers to or otherwise participate in a gay wedding, you… Continue reading

Fox News Poll: Voters say government is the problem, taxes are too high


A record number of American voters think they pay too much in taxes. In addition, they think government is more often the source of America’s troubles — not the means of fixing them.
The latest Fox News poll shows… Continue reading

9-foot ‘butcher crocodile’ likely ruled before dinosaurs

A life reconstruction of the giant crocodile ancestor (Carnufex carolinensis) that lived some 231 million years ago in what is now North Carolina. (Copyright Jorge Gonzales. Open access)

A 9-foot-tall beast with bladelike teeth once stalked the warm and wet… Continue reading

Why Michael Bloomberg’s latest push for gun control is all wrong

Michael Bloomberg is spending tens of millions of dollars trying to convince state legislatures to support restrictive gun control laws. ;From television and newspaper ads, to blanketing communities with flyers, to bringing in people from out of state to testify,… Continue reading

Psychedelics not linked to mental disorders, study finds

(Chris Kilham)

In the ever-changing health landscape, sometimes methods and medicines are vilified for a time, only to emerge anew, bolstered by science. Such is the case with psychedelics, those potent mind-manifesting drugs that caused a furor in the 1960s… Continue reading

When gatekeepers step aside, the local crowd flourishes

For years, people assumed encyclopedias had to be created by professionals. Then Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales attempted to create an encyclopedia without central planners.
That sounded like a terrible idea to the old gatekeepers — people who hired experts to… Continue reading

Soft-on-crime policies leading to more crime?

As overcrowding and budget shortfalls plague U.S. jails, the response increasingly has been to go softer on sentencing.
But that trend is raising concerns that the jails are only feeding the problem, releasing criminals who in turn go on to… Continue reading

Kyra Phillips on fertility, family and having it all

Great career, love, family – can women really have it all?
Yes, according to CNN anchor Kyra Phillips, who opens up about her struggle getting pregnant and her advice for other women in her book, “The Whole Life Fertility Plan.”… Continue reading