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John Kerry Admits Defeat On Syria, But What’s Next? The Case For Coercive Diplomacy

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The notion that we’re failing in Syria is just about the only thing both parties can agree on these days.
In a recent interview for her MSNBC show, Andrea Mitchell went after a US State Department official on our flawed… Continue reading

Barely A Deal, Certainly Not A Solution

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“Berrinche.” That’s the word many Mexicans now use to describe Washington. What does it mean? Tantrums.
The Mexicans, and indeed our critics across the globe, couldn’t be more on the money. Our legislators have become nothing more than petulant children,… Continue reading

Government Shutdown Courtesy Of The Republicans

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It wasn’t supposed to go this way. The Republicans’ latest maneuver appears to be a complete failure – we are headed for a government shutdown, and fast.
It appears that the Republicans, and certainly Senator Ted Cruz, have become the… Continue reading

Why Larry Summers’ Withdrawal Is So Important

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President Obama failed quietly over the weekend, and it’s important to understand why.
His failure had both everything, and nothing, to do with Syria. The withdrawal of Larry Summers as a prospective candidate to head the Fed is indicative of… Continue reading

Obama Opts To Delay and Diffuse

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In Tuesday’s address President Obama didn’t change any minds. And he certainly didn’t offer any answers to the litany of questions from Congressmen, Senators, commentators and everyday Americans that have been posed since the President came out in support of… Continue reading

The US Must Follow Through On Middle East Aid Commitments

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Douglas E. Schoen and Joshua Schoen
The Arab Israeli peace talks are on the verge of being restarted after three years. This raises questions as to what the United States’ broader strategic interests are and what role Middle Eastern states… Continue reading

Egypt Highlights The United States’ Impotence

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The situation in Egypt highlights the quandary the United States also finds itself in in Syria and, to put it bluntly, our nation’s impotence.
To be clear, the quandary is three parted. The first part is the question of whether… Continue reading