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Wake Up America: The NBA Finals and terror on the court

The NBA is in the middle of an amazing finals. LeBron is trying to break Cleveland’s fifty year championship drought.
And a Golden State warrior team looking for their first in 40 years. It’s awesome basketball.
That and the Obama… Continue reading

Truth Serum: How radical college professors get hired

This is a RUSH transcript from “The O’Reilly Factor,” June 10, 2015. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.Watch “The O’Reilly Factor” weeknights at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET!
O’REILLY: “Truth Serum” segment… Continue reading

Climate scientists criticize government paper that erases ‘pause’ in warming

Until last week, government data on climate change indicated that the Earth has warmed over the last century, but that the warming slowed dramatically and even stopped at points over the last 17 years.
But a paper released May 28… Continue reading

9 sun-protective foods

You may be surprised to learn that many common foods offer some protection to your skin from the potentially damaging rays of the sun, from the inside out. This SPF or sun protective factor aspect of foods has to do… Continue reading

Exercises focused on engaging core, pelvic floor helping moms get in shape

Mothers everywhere mostly agree that any negative side effect associated with pregnancy and childbirth is often forgotten after meeting their newborn for the first time. However, while new moms may mentally be able to forget or block out some of… Continue reading

Farmers, ranchers battle Oregon lawmakers over bill to restrict animal antibiotics

Farmers and ranchers in Oregon are locked in a battle with lawmakers who want to restrict their ability to give antibiotics to their animals — as part of a first-in-the-nation push to crack down on the alleged overuse of the… Continue reading

An herb may help fight Ebola

While the Ebola virus was previously in the news daily for months, that story has died down, and the situation with the virus is slowly improving in West Africa. Still, 150 new cases of Ebola were reported just this past… Continue reading

Could lead paint have played a role in Freddie Gray’s death?

The death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore last month is a tragedy that has conjured strong feelings on race, poverty, and violence in its wake. As journalists and investigators try to answer the question of who Gray was and what… Continue reading

George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams and the media’s sinking reputation

By failing to disclose his donations to the Clinton Foundation, George Stephanopoulos has damaged his credibility and tarnished his network.
But you know something? He’s got plenty of company.
What an awful couple of years it’s been for the news… Continue reading