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Calling America ‘Land of Opportunity’ offensive, University of California warns professors

Phrases such as “America is the land of opportunity” and “America is a melting pot” are “micro-aggressions” that could leave some students feeling discriminated against, according to a new faculty training guide put out by the University of California that… Continue reading

2016 GOP Power Index: Fiorina still rising, Paul survives

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Buzz Cut:• 2016 GOP Power Index: Fiorina still rising, Paul survives• Jeb heads where Bush foreign policy is an asset• Hillary’s sins of omission• Power Play: NRSC, DSCC… Continue reading

Climate change brings needed rain to Africa

File photo – A Sahrawi man stands in the Sahara desert between Tindouf and Tifariti, (REUTERS/Juan Medina)

Climate change has been going on since the beginning of time, but has been the source of intense debate in recent years. In… Continue reading

Exercises focused on engaging core, pelvic floor helping moms get in shape

Mothers everywhere mostly agree that any negative side effect associated with pregnancy and childbirth is often forgotten after meeting their newborn for the first time. However, while new moms may mentally be able to forget or block out some of… Continue reading

Tea Party affiliate FreedomWorks refocuses, changes to stay relevant in 2016

FILE: Feb.25, 2015: This year’s CPAC gathering, like others in the past, attracted members of the Tea Party movement. Oxon Hill, Md. (FOXNEWS.COM)

FreedomWorks, often considered the ideological brains behind the 2010 Tea Party wave, is trying to reinvent itself… Continue reading

What’s the hold-up on 911 texting?

File photo. (REUTERS/Vivek Prakash)

Imagine being stuck in your house during a burglary with no way to call for help. If you make a sound, the thieves will find you. While your smartphone can technically send a 911 text message… Continue reading

BodyWorn, the police-worn camera that aims to reduce crime


Should local police wear and use a body camera at all times?
That’s the debate many police departments are having after riots broke out in Baltimore in April. Last year, unrest in Ferguson led to continuing racial tensions. Yet,… Continue reading

Movie director Alex Garland weighs the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence

It’s no easy task helming an Artificial Intelligence sci-fi flick but it’s worked out so far for writer-director Alex Garland. His indie “Ex Machina” has already banked over $12 million and expands to more theaters this week.
Garland joined us… Continue reading

Drone Strike Review

Jan. 31, 2010: This file photo shows a U.S. Predator drone flies over the moon above Kandahar Air Field, southern Afghanistan. (AP)

President Obama has ordered a review of U.S. drone strikes in the wake of the news that a… Continue reading

As email controversy rages, Hillary Clinton courts her army — women

The bottom line on Emailgate? It won’t move the needle.
People who support Hillary Clinton are resolute. They loved her throughout the Whitewater investigation, the firings in the travel office, the selling of the Lincoln bedroom, the Benghazi inquiry and… Continue reading